The Southern Drugstores Association.

The executives and the group of Bangkok Drug Co., Ltd. traveled to work with The Southern Drugstores Association. Which consists of pharmacies in 14 southern provinces, 15 associations. Organizes an annual general meeting every 2 years. In addition to reporting the results of the association. Organizing a party between members and their families. And arrange academic conferences and exhibitions on medicine-cosmetics.

The company participates in presenting "Using herbs and supplements to restore health in pharmacies" by Pakorn Phayaksiri, B.Sc. (in Pharm.) and Kitiyaporn Rattanathawornkiti, B.Sc. (in Pharm.) for associations's members Get to know new technologies, new medicines and open up a space to ask questions about medicines. For the company to meet with the pharmacy owner who is a member of The Southern Drugstores Association in which approximately 1,000 members attended the event.

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